Baby Clothes Quilt

I’m currently working on a quilt using my hairdresser’s son’s baby clothes for her to have as a keepsake. I got the idea to use all of the clothes instead of cutting them up from this website. All the materials I’ve used are his clothes, crib bumper, sheets, blankets, Boppy cover, curtains, bed/crib ruffle & comforter.

The back has his comforter in the middle with pieces of his crib bumper around 3 edges. I’m leaving in the quilting these pieces already have. The top portion is the blanket he was brought home from the hospital in, and I will add batting the same thickness as the comforter and bumper pieces.

Instead of quilting over his clothes, I plan to place bar tacks in these areas to still hold the whole thing together without taking away from the clothes (thanks to my mom’s idea).  In the white pieces on the top, I plan to quilt large palm trees to keep with the theme.

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  1. Lanndhese Talice says:

    Hi. I love both of your baby clothes quilts! But the link you gave about where you got the idea doesn't work. Can you explain to me a little how you made it. I've made regular patchwork quilts, but how are the clothes on there? Thamks

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