My 2nd Quilt!

I hand delivered this quilt to my grandmother today!

It has a lot of the same fabrics as my 1st quilt, which I made for her mother (shown on the left in the picture below).

I used a Bento Box pattern I obtained from Trudi Skene. I would link to her blog, but it has been taken down since. I machine pieced and quilted it myself.


I finally drove to a quilt shop in a city big enough to carry a decent selection of quilting books & picked up Elizabeth Hartman‘s book that I’ve been wanting!

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Ole Miss/UGA Banner

You’ve seen those “House Divided” flags, license plates and other stuff, right?

I graduated from Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) and married a graduate of the University of Georgia. I could not find a garden flag with our schools combined, so I ended up buying the two flags above and making my own.  I really wanted to keep the “HOUSE DIVIDED” in the middle, but the letters were more spread out on one flag, so they didn’t match up.

Quilt Idea

Here’s a quilt pattern I just created in Excel…not sure if I’ll actually make it or not but it could be cute.