Kayse’s Office Curtains

My friend Kayse owns a speech therapy business and asked me to make curtains for her office. She pretty much told me to do whatever I wanted as long as it was kid-friendly. She has different colored circles painted on one of the walls, so I picked up a set of these curtain panels from Bed Bath & Beyond:

Bed Bath and Beyond - Self Expressions 84in Pop Circle Window Panel
Photo from Bed Bath & Beyond

I cut them in half and added piping I made from a blue and green stripe fabric I found at a local fabric store. I used leftover blackout fabric for the backside of the curtains.

 photo 3

Here is the before picture (curtains came with the office space she rents):

photo 1

And here’s what it looks like now (sorry for the grainy iPhone pictures):

 photo 2

Right when you walk into the office, there’s this window that looks directly into the room where the therapist works with the child. (The light in the room is off in this picture.) Kayse wanted a curtain here to give the child some privacy while still letting the parent hear the session.

I had just enough fabric left to make this curtain, which hangs on a tension rod. It looks the same on both sides.  I had some leftover brown fabric which I used to make the ruffle at the bottom.

photo 4

I think they turned out pretty cute, and Kayse was very pleased!


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