Wine Bottle Holder and a Wet Pup

Over the weekend I took my dog Dixie to one of the many dog parks nearby and let her swim her little heart out in the enclosed lake. I’m convinced it’s nearly impossible to keep a Labrador out of the water (lake, ocean, baby pool, mud puddle…you name it)! The car seat protector I made really comes in handy when you have a tired pup soaked head-to-toe to drive home.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ll playing catch up for a while to share some things I’ve made but haven’t blogged about. One of them is a wine bottle holder I made for a friend who kept Dixie for several nights. I used Kate’s awesome tutorial over at Needle and Spatula to put it together and I love how it turned out! I’ll be mailing it off tomorrow so I snapped a few pics to share.
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Rachel D

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